Swarovski Color Chart

Limited Official Swarovski Colour Charts are now available for purchase, while quantity lasts.
(5000 Series)
Round Stones
(1000 Series)
(5800 Series)
(2000 Series)
1.Air Blue Opal285
5.Amethyst AB204AB
6.Amethyst AB 2x204AB2
7.Amethyst AB B204ABB
8.Amethyst AB FC204ABFC
9.Amethyst Blend721
10.Amethyst GMET204GMET
11.Amethyst GOLD204GOLD
12.Amethyst Ignite204IGNIT
13.Amethyst Light Chrome Z MCI204LTCHZ
14.Amethyst RHOD204RHOD
15.Amethyst ROGL204ROGL
16.Amethyst Satin204SATIN
17.Amethyst Shimmer204SHIM
18.Amethyst Shimmer 2x204SHIM2
19.Antique Brass Pearl001 402
20.Antique Bronze PlatedABRONP
21.Antique Gold PlatedAGLDP
22.Antique Green509
23.Antique Green Shimmer509SHIM
25.Aquamarine AB202AB
26.Aquamarine AB 2x202AB2
27.Aquamarine AB B202ABB
28.Aquamarine AB FC202ABFC
29.Aquamarine CAL V SI202 CAVSI
30.Aquamarine CAL VZ202CALVZ
31.Aquamarine Cosmojet202COS
32.Aquamarine GMET202GMET
33.Aquamarine GOLD202GOLD
34.Aquamarine HFT202HFT
35.Aquamarine Ignite202IGNIT
36.Aquamarine Light Chrome Z MCI202LTCHZ
37.Aquamarine Metallic Blue Z202MEBLZ
38.Aquamarine RHOD202RHOD
39.Aquamarine ROGL202ROGL
40.Aquamarine Satin202SATIN
41.Aquamarine Shimmer202SHIM
42.Aquamarine Shimmer 2x202SHIM2
43.Arctic White298
44.Black Diamond215
45.Black Diamond AB215AB
46.Black Diamond AB 2x215AB2
47.Black Diamond AB FC215ABFC
48.Black Diamond Dorado215DOR
49.Black Diamond Dorado Z215DORZ
50.Black Diamond Gold Ring215GR
51.Black Diamond Gun Metal Ring215GM
52.Black Diamond Light Chrome Z215LTCHZ
53.Black Diamond Palladium Ring215PR
54.Black Diamond Palladium Ring215PR
55.Black Diamond Satin215SATIN
56.Black Diamond Shimmer215SHIM
57.Black Diamond Shimmer 2x215SHIM2
58.Black Diamond Silver Ring215SR
59.Black Pearl001 298
60.Black Zinc PlatedBLKZP
61.Blackberry Pearl001 784
62.Blue Violet349
63.Blue Zircon229
64.Blue Zircon AB229AB
65.Blue Zircon AB 2x229AB2
66.Blue Zircon Satin229SATIN
67.Blue Zircon Shimmer229SHIM
68.Blush Rose257
69.Blush Rose AB257AB
70.Blush Rose Aurore Boreale 2x257AB2
71.Blush Rose GMET257GMET
72.Blush Rose GOLD257GOLD
73.Blush Rose RHOD257RHOD
74.Blush Rose ROGL257ROGL
76.Bright Gold Pearl001 306
77.Brodeaux Pearl001 538
78.Bronze Pearl001 295
79.Brown Pearl001 815
81.Burgundy AB515AB
82.Burgundy Dorado Z515DORZ
83.Burgundy Light Chrome Z515LTCHZ
84.Burgundy Pearl001 301
85.Burgundy Satin515SATIN
86.Burgundy-Blue Zircon Blend723
88.Capri Blue243
89.Capri Blue AB243AB
90.Capri Blue AB 2x243AB2
91.Capri Blue AB FC243ABFC
92.Capri Blue Satin243SATIN
93.Caribbean Blue Opal394
94.Caribbean Blue Opal AB394AB
96.Chalkwhite Creampearl279CPL
97.Chalkwhite Nacre279NAC
99.Chrysolite AB238AB
100.Chrysolite AB 2x238AB2
101.Chrysolite AB FC238ABFC
102.Chrysolite Dorado238DOR
103.Chrysolite Opal294
104.Chrysolite Opal GMET294GMET
105.Chrysolite Opal GOLD294GOLD
106.Chrysolite Opal RHOD294RHOD
107.Chrysolite Opal ROGL294ROGL
108.Chrysolite Opal Shimmer294SHIM
109.Chrysolite Opal Shimmer 2x294SHIM2
110.Chrysolite Satin238SATIN
112.Citrine AB249AB
113.Citrine Shimmer249SHIM
115.Cobalt Shimmer369SHIM
116.Copper Pearl001 159
117.Coral Pearl001 816
118.Cream Pearl001 620
119.Creampearl001 291
120.Creamrose Pearl001 621
122.Crystal AB FC001 ABFC
123.Crystal AB GMET001 ABGMET
124.Crystal AB GOLD001 ABGOLD
125.Crystal AB Gold Ring001 ABGR
126.Crystal AB Gun Metal Ring001 ABGM
127.Crystal AB Matt Finish001 AB MAT
128.Crystal AB Palladium Ring001 ABPR
129.Crystal AB Palladium Ring001 ABPR
130.Crystal AB RHOD001 ABRHOD
131.Crystal AB ROGL001 ABROGL
132.Crystal AB Silver Ring001 ABSR
133.Crystal Antique Pink001 ANTP
134.Crystal Antique Pink B001 ANTPB
135.Crystal Antique Pink Matt Finish001 ANTP MAT
136.Crystal Antique Pink `V`001 ANTPV
137.Crystal Army Green DeLite001L130D
138.Crystal Army Green DeLite HFT001L130DHFT
139.Crystal Astral Pink001 API
140.Crystal Astral Pink FC001 APFC
141.Crystal Astral Pink V001 ASPIV
142.Crystal Aurore Boreale001 AB
143.Crystal Aurore Boreale 2x001 AB2
144.Crystal Aurore Boreale B001 ABB
145.Crystal Aurore Boreale CAL V SI001 ABCVSI
146.Crystal Aurore Boreale CAL VZ001 ABCVZ
147.Crystal Aurore Boreale Satin001 ABSATIN
148.Crystal Aurore Boreale V001 ABV
149.Crystal Aurore Boreale Z001 ABZ
150.Crystal Azure Blue001 L112S
151.Crystal Azure Blue HFT001 L112SHFT
152.Crystal Bermuda Blue001 BB
153.Crystal Bermuda Blue PROLAY001 BBL P
154.Crystal Bermuda Blue V PROLAY001 BBV P
155.Crystal Bermuda Blue Z001 BBZ
156.Crystal Bermuda Blue Z CALVSI001 BBZCV
157.Crystal Bermuda Metallic Blue Z001 BMBZ
159.Crystal Black Patina001 BLAPA
160.Crystal Blue AB001BLAB
161.Crystal Blue Shade001 BLSH
162.Crystal Blue Shade 'B'001 BLSB
163.Crystal Blue Shade T1090001 BLSHT1090
164.Crystal Blue Shade T1091001 BLSHT1091
165.Crystal Blue Shade V001 BLSV
166.Crystal Bronze Shade001 BRSH
167.Crystal Bronze Shade 2X001 BRSH 2X
168.Crystal Bronze Shade B001 BRSB
169.Crystal Bronze Shade B 2x001 BSB2X
170.Crystal Bronze Shade FC001 BRSFC
171.Crystal Bronze Shade T1090001 BRSHT1090
172.Crystal Bronze Shade T1091001 BRSHT1091
173.Crystal Bronze Shade V001 BRSV
174.Crystal Burgundy DeLite001L132D
175.Crystal Burgundy DeLite HFT001L132DHFT
176.Crystal Buttercup001 L124S
177.Crystal Buttercup HFT001L124SHFT
178.Crystal CAL FC001 CAFC
179.Crystal Cappuccino DeLite001L133D
180.Crystal Cappuccino DeLite HFT001L133DHFT
181.Crystal Chrom Matt Finish001 CHRMMAT
182.Crystal Chrom V001 CHRMV
183.Crystal Chrom V001 CHRMV
184.Crystal Chrom V Matt Finish001 CHRMV MAT
185.Crystal Chrome001 CHRM
186.Crystal Comet Argent Light001 CAL
187.Crystal Comet Argent Light SI001 CASI
188.Crystal Comet Argent Light SI PROLAY001 CASI P
189.Crystal Comet Argent Light V001 CAV
190.Crystal Comet Argent Light V SI001 CAVSI
191.Crystal Comet Argent Light V SI PROLAY001 CASIV P
192.Crystal Comet Argent Light VZ001 CALVZ
193.Crystal Comet Argent Light VZ SI001 CVZSI
194.Crystal Copper001 COP
195.Crystal Copper B001 COPB
196.Crystal Copper CAL V SI001 COCVSI
197.Crystal Copper T1090001 COPT1090
198.Crystal Copper T1091001 COPT1091
199.Crystal Copper V001 COPPV
200.Crystal Copper Z001 COPZ
201.Crystal Cosmojet001 COJET
202.Crystal Creampearl Gold Ring001 291GR
203.Crystal Creampearl Gun Metal Ring001 291GM
204.Crystal Creampearl Palladium Ring001 291PR
205.Crystal Creampearl Silver Ring001 291SR
206.Crystal Dark Grey001 L111S
207.Crystal Dark Grey HFT001 L111SHFT
208.Crystal Dark Red001 L108S
209.Crystal Dark Red HFT001 L108SHFT
210.Crystal Dorado001 DOR
211.Crystal Dorado 2x001 DOR2
212.Crystal Dorado V001 DORV
213.Crystal Dorado Z001 DORZ
214.Crystal Electric Blue001 L134S
215.Crystal Electric Blue DeLite001 L134D
216.Crystal Electric Blue DeLite HFT001 L134DHFT
217.Crystal Electric Blue HFT001L134SHFT
218.Crystal Electric Green001 L135S
219.Crystal Electric Green DeLite001 L135D
220.Crystal Electric Green DeLite HFT001 L135DHFT
221.Crystal Electric Green HFT001L135SHFT
222.Crystal Electric Orange001 L136S
223.Crystal Electric Orange DeLite001 L136D
224.Crystal Electric Orange DeLite HFT001 L136DHFT
225.Crystal Electric Orange HFT001L136SHFT
226.Crystal Electric Pink001 L137S
227.Crystal Electric Pink DeLite001 L137D
228.Crystal Electric Pink DeLite HFT001 L137DHFT
229.Crystal Electric Pink HFT001L137SHFT
230.Crystal Electric Violet001 L148S
231.Crystal Electric Violet DeLite001 L148D
232.Crystal Electric Violet DeLite HFT001 L148DHFT
233.Crystal Electric Violet HFT001L148SHFT
234.Crystal Electric White001 L139S
235.Crystal Electric White DeLite001 L139D
236.Crystal Electric White DeLite HFT001 L139DHFT
237.Crystal Electric White HFT001L139SHFT
238.Crystal Electric Yellow001 L138S
239.Crystal Electric Yellow DeLite001 L138D
240.Crystal Electric Yellow DeLite HFT001 L138DHFT
241.Crystal Electric Yellow HFT001L138SHFT
242.Crystal Frosted001 FRO
243.Crystal Frosted AB001 FROAB
244.Crystal GMET001 GMET
245.Crystal GOLD001 GOLD
246.Crystal Gold Patina001 GOLPA
247.Crystal Gold Ring001 GR
248.Crystal Golden Honey001GOHON
249.Crystal Golden Shadow001 GSHA
250.Crystal Golden Shadow B001 GSHAB
251.Crystal Golden Shadow CAL V SI001 GSCAVSI
252.Crystal Golden Shadow CAL VZ001 GSCVZ
253.Crystal Golden Shadow GMET001 GSHAGMET
254.Crystal Golden Shadow GOLD001 GSHAGOLD
255.Crystal Golden Shadow Gold Ring001 GSHAGR
256.Crystal Golden Shadow Gun Metal Ring001 GSHAGM
257.Crystal Golden Shadow Matt Finish001 GSHA MAT
258.Crystal Golden Shadow Palladium Ring001 GSHAPR
259.Crystal Golden Shadow Palladium Ring001 GSHAPR
260.Crystal Golden Shadow RHOD001 GSHARHOD
261.Crystal Golden Shadow ROGL001 GSHAROGL
262.Crystal Golden Shadow Silver Ring001 GSHASR
263.Crystal Golden Shadow T1090001 GSHAT1090
264.Crystal Golden Shadow T1091001 GSHAT1091
265.Crystal Golden Shadow V001 GSHAV
266.Crystal Golden Shadow VL001 GHAVL
267.Crystal Golden Teak001GOLDT
268.Crystal Gun Metal Ring001 GM
269.Crystal Heliotrope001 HEL
270.Crystal Heliotrope Z001 HELZ
271.Crystal HF Transparent001 HFT
272.Crystal Ignite001IGNIT
273.Crystal Irid Dreamy Blue001 2026
274.Crystal Irid Dreamy Rose001 2025
275.Crystal Iridescent Green001 IRIG
276.Crystal Iridescent Green 2x001 IRIG2
277.Crystal Iridescent Green FC001 IGFC
278.Crystal Ivory Cream001 L106S
279.Crystal Ivory Cream HFT001 L106SHFT
280.Crystal Laguna DeLite001L142D
281.Crystal Laguna DeLite HFT001L142DHFT
282.Crystal Lavender DeLite001L144D
283.Crystal Lavender DeLite HFT001L144DHFT
284.Crystal Light Chrome001 LTCH
285.Crystal Light Chrome 2x001 LTCH2
286.Crystal Light Chrome Gold Ring001 LTCHGR
287.Crystal Light Chrome Gun Metal Ring001 LTCHGM
288.Crystal Light Chrome Palladium Ring001 LTCHPR
289.Crystal Light Chrome Palladium Ring001 LTCHPR
290.Crystal Light Chrome Silver Ring001 LTCHSR
291.Crystal Light Chrome Z001 LTCHZ
292.Crystal Light Coral001 L116S
293.Crystal Light Coral HFT001 L116SHFT
294.Crystal Light Grey DeLite001L129D
295.Crystal Light Grey DeLite HFT001L129DHFT
296.Crystal Lilac001 L126S
297.Crystal Lilac HFT001L126SHFT
298.Crystal Lilac Shadow001 LISH
299.Crystal Lilac Shadow GMET001 LISHGMET
300.Crystal Lilac Shadow GOLD001 LISHGOLD
301.Crystal Lilac Shadow RHOD001 LISHRHOD
302.Crystal Lilac Shadow ROGL001 LISHROGL
303.Crystal Lilac Shadow ’B’001 LISB
304.Crystal Lime001 L125S
305.Crystal Lime HFT001L125SHFT
306.Crystal Lotus Pink DeLite001 L145D
307.Crystal Lotus Pink DeLite HFT001L145DHFT
308.Crystal Luminous Green001 LUMG
309.Crystal Luminous Green B001 LUMGB
310.Crystal Luminous Green CAVSI001 LUMGC
311.Crystal Matt Finish001 MAT
312.Crystal Meridian Blue001 MBLUE
313.Crystal Metallic Blue001 METBL
314.Crystal Metallic Blue 2x001 METB2
315.Crystal Metallic Blue 2x001 MEBL2
316.Crystal Metallic Blue FC001 MEBFC
317.Crystal Metallic Blue V001 MEBLV
318.Crystal Metallic Gold V001 MLGV
319.Crystal Metallic Light Gold001 MLGLD
320.Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2X001 MLG2
321.Crystal Metallic Light Gold Matt Finish001 MLGLD MAT
322.Crystal Metallic Silver001 METSI
323.Crystal Metallic Sunshine001 METSH
324.Crystal Metallic Sunshine 2x001 MTSH2
325.Crystal Metallic Sunshine GMET001 METSHGMET
326.Crystal Metallic Sunshine GOLD001 METSHGOLD
327.Crystal Metallic Sunshine RHOD001 METSHRHOD
328.Crystal Metallic Sunshine ROGL001 METSHROGL
329.Crystal Mint Green001 L115S
330.Crystal Mint Green HFT001 L115SHFT
331.Crystal Moonlight001 MOL
332.Crystal Moonlight B001 MOLB
333.Crystal Moonlight V001 MOLV
334.Crystal Moroda Z CALVSI001 MOZCV
335.Crystal Nacre Gold Ring001 191GR
336.Crystal Nacre Gun Metal Ring001 191GM
337.Crystal Nacre Palladium Ring001 191PR
338.Crystal Nacre Silver Ring001 191SR
339.Crystal Ocean DeLite001L143D
340.Crystal Ocean DeLite HFT001L143DHFT
341.Crystal Ochre DeLite001L131D
342.Crystal Ochre DeLite HFT001L131DHFT
343.Crystal Orange Glow DeLite001 L146D
344.Crystal Orange Glow DeLite HFT001L146DHFT
345.Crystal Palladium Ring001 PR
346.Crystal Palladium Ring001 PR
347.Crystal Paradise Shine001 PARSH
348.Crystal Paradise Shine 2x001 PARS2
349.Crystal Paradise Shine B001 PARSHB
350.Crystal Paradise Shine GMET001 PARSHGMET
351.Crystal Paradise Shine GOLD001 PARSHGOLD
352.Crystal Paradise Shine RHOD001 PARSHRHOD
353.Crystal Paradise Shine ROGL001 PARSHROGL
354.Crystal Paradise Shine V001 PARSV
355.Crystal Peach DeLite001L140D
356.Crystal Peach DeLite HFT001L140DHFT
357.Crystal Peony Pink001 L113S
358.Crystal Peony Pink HFT001 L113SHFT
359.Crystal Powder Blue001 PBLU
360.Crystal Powder Blue HFT001 PBLUHFT
361.Crystal Powder Green001 PGRE
362.Crystal Powder Green HFT001 PGREHFT
363.Crystal Powder Grey001 PGRY
364.Crystal Powder Grey AB001 L105A
365.Crystal Powder Rose001 PROS
366.Crystal Powder Rose HFT001 PROSHFT
367.Crystal Powder Yellow001 PYEL
368.Crystal Powder Yellow HFT001 PYELHFT
369.Crystal Purple Z CALVSI001 PUZCV
370.Crystal Rainbow Dark001 RABDK
371.Crystal Rainbow Dark 2x001 RBDK2
372.Crystal Red Copper Z CalVSi001 RCCVC
373.Crystal Red Copper Z LTCH V001RCLC
374.Crystal Red Magma001 REDM
375.Crystal Red Magma V001 REDMV
376.Crystal RHOD001 RHOD
377.Crystal ROGL001 ROGL
378.Crystal Rose Gold001 ROGL
379.Crystal Rose Gold 'B'001 ROGLB
380.Crystal Rose Gold 2x001 ROGL2
381.Crystal Rose Gold B 2x001 ROGB2
382.Crystal Rose Gold V001 ROGLV
383.Crystal Rose Patina001 ROSPA
384.Crystal Royal Blue001 L110S
385.Crystal Royal Blue DeLite001 L110D
386.Crystal Royal Blue DeLite HFT001L110DHFT
387.Crystal Royal Blue HFT001 L110SHFT
388.Crystal Royal Green001 L109S
389.Crystal Royal Green HFT001 L109SHFT
390.Crystal Royal Red001 L107S
391.Crystal Royal Red DeLite001 L107D
392.Crystal Royal Red DeLite HFT001L107DHFT
393.Crystal Royal Red HFT001 L107SHFT
394.Crystal Sage001 SAGE
395.Crystal Sage PROLAY001 SAG P
396.Crystal Sage V PROLAY001 SAGV P
397.Crystal Sahara001 SAH
398.Crystal Sahara PROLAY001 SAH P
399.Crystal Sahara V PROLAY001 SAHV P
400.Crystal Sahara Z CALVSI001 SAZCV
401.Crystal Satin001 SATIN
402.Crystal Satin CAL V SI001SATCVSI
403.Crystal Satin Moroda001 SATMO
404.Crystal Satin Tabak001 SATTA
405.Crystal Scarabaeus Green001 SCGR
406.Crystal Scarabaeus Green 2x001 SCGR2
407.Crystal Scarabaeus Green Gold Ring001 SCGRGR
408.Crystal Scarabaeus Green Gun Metal Ring001 SCGRGM
409.Crystal Scarabaeus Green Palladium Ring001 SCGRPR
410.Crystal Scarabaeus Green Palladium Ring001 SCGRPR
411.Crystal Scarabaeus Green Silver Ring001 SCGRSR
412.Crystal Shimmer001 SHIM
413.Crystal Shimmer 2x001SHIM2
414.Crystal Silky Sage DeLite001 L147D
415.Crystal Silky Sage DeLite HFT001L147DHFT
416.Crystal Silver Glaze001 SIGLA
417.Crystal Silver Night001 SINI
418.Crystal Silver Night 2x001 SINI2
419.Crystal Silver Night B001 SINIB
420.Crystal Silver Night GOLD001 SINIGOLD
421.Crystal Silver Night Gold Ring001 SINIGR
422.Crystal Silver Night Gun Metal Ring001 SINIGM
423.Crystal Silver Night Palladium Ring001 SINIPR
424.Crystal Silver Night Palladium Ring001 SINIPR
425.Crystal Silver Night RHOD001 SINIRHOD
426.Crystal Silver Night Silver Ring001 SINISR
427.Crystal Silver Night T1090001 SINIT1090
428.Crystal Silver Night T1091001 SINIT1091
429.Crystal Silver Night V001 SINIV
430.Crystal Silver Patina001 SILPA
431.Crystal Silver Ring001 SR
432.Crystal Silver Shade001 SSHA
433.Crystal Silver Shade B001 SSHAB
434.Crystal Silver Shade CAL V SI001 SSCVSI
435.Crystal Silver Shade GMET001 SSHAGMET
436.Crystal Silver Shade GOLD001 SSHAGOLD
437.Crystal Silver Shade Gold Ring001 SSHAGR
438.Crystal Silver Shade Gun Metal Ring001 SSHAGM
439.Crystal Silver Shade Palladium Ring001 SSHAPR
440.Crystal Silver Shade Palladium Ring001 SSHAPR
441.Crystal Silver Shade RHOD001 SSHARHOD
442.Crystal Silver Shade ROGL001 SSHAROGL
443.Crystal Silver Shade Silver Ring001 SSHASR
444.Crystal Silver Shade T1090001 SSHAT1090
445.Crystal Silver Shade T1091001 SSHAT1091
446.Crystal Silver Shade V001 SSHAV
447.Crystal Silver Shine001SSHI
448.Crystal Summer Blue001 L114S
449.Crystal Summer Blue HFT001 L114SHFT
450.Crystal Sunshine DeLite001L141D
451.Crystal Sunshine DeLite HFT001L141DHFT
452.Crystal T0101A001 T0101A
453.Crystal T0103A001 T0103A
454.Crystal T0201A001 T0201A
455.Crystal T0202A001 T0202A
456.Crystal T0203A001 T0203A
457.Crystal T0302A001 T0302A
458.Crystal T1090001 T1090
459.Crystal T1091001 T1091
460.Crystal Tabac001 TAB
461.Crystal Tabac 2 VZ001 TA2VZ
462.Crystal Tabac PROLAY001 TAB P
463.Crystal Transmission HFT001 TRAHFT
464.Crystal Transmission V001 TRAV
465.Crystal Vitrail Light001 VL
466.Crystal Vitrail Light Z001 VLZ
467.Crystal Vitrail Medium001 VM
468.Crystal Vitrail Medium 2 VZ001 VM2VZ
469.Crystal Vitrail Medium B001 VMB
470.Crystal Vitrail Medium Z001 VMZ
471.Crystal Vitrail Medium Z CALVSI001 VMZCV
472.Crystal Volcano001 VOL
473.Crystal White Patina001 WHIPA
474.Crystal White Pearl Gold Ring001 650GR
475.Crystal White Pearl Gun Metal Ring001 650GM
476.Crystal White Pearl Palladium Ring001 650PR
477.Crystal White Pearl Palladium Ring001 650PR
478.Crystal White Pearl Silver Ring001 650SR
479.Crystal-Montana Blend725
480.Cyclamen Opal398
481.Cyclamen Opal Shimmer398SHIM
482.Cyclamen Opal Shimmer 2x398SHIM2
483.Dark Green Pearl001 814
484.Dark Grey Pearl001 617
485.Dark Indigo288
486.Dark Lapis Pearl001 719
487.Dark Moss Green260
488.Dark Moss Green AB260AB
489.Dark Moss Green Aurore Boreale 2x260AB2
490.Dark Purple Pearl001 309
491.Dark Red Coral396
492.Dark Red Coral AB396AB
493.Dark Sapphire255
494.Dark Siam308
495.Deep Brown Pearl001 414
496.Denim Blue266
497.Denim Blue Dorado Z266DORZ
498.Denim Blue Gold Ring266GR
499.Denim Blue Gun Metal Ring266GM
500.Denim Blue Light Chrome Z266LTCHZ
501.Denim Blue Palladium Ring266PR
502.Denim Blue Palladium Ring266PR
503.Denim Blue Silver Ring266SR
504.Eden Green Pearl001 2014
505.Elderberry Pearl001 2019
507.Emerald AB205AB
508.Emerald AB 2x205AB2
509.Emerald AB FC205ABFC
510.Emerald GMET205GMET
511.Emerald GOLD205GOLD
512.Emerald Ignite205IGNIT
513.Emerald Light Chrome Z MCI205LTCHZ
514.Emerald RHOD205RHOD
515.Emerald ROGL205ROGL
516.Emerald Satin205SATIN
517.Emerald Shimmer205SHIM
518.Emerald Shimmer 2X205SHIM2
520.Erinite AB360AB
521.Erinite Satin360SATIN
522.Erinite Shimmer360SHIM
523.Erinite Shimmer 2x360SHIM2
524.Fern Green291
525.Fern Green-Topaz Blend724
527.Fireopal AB237AB
528.Fireopal AB 2x237AB2
530.Fuchsia AB502AB
531.Fuchsia AB 2x502AB2
532.Fuchsia AB B502ABB
533.Fuchsia AB FC502ABFC
534.Fuchsia CAL V502CALV
535.Fuchsia Satin502SATIN
536.Fuchsia Shimmer502SHIM
538.Garnet AB241AB
539.Garnet AB 2x241AB2
540.Garnet Satin241SATIN
541.Gold Pearl001 296
542.Gold PlatedGLDP
544.Graphite AB253AB
545.Graphite Aurore Boreale 2x253AB2
546.Graphite Light Chrome Z253LTCHZ
547.Green Turmaline216
549.Greige Dorado Z284DORZ
550.Greige Light Chrome Z284LTCHZ
551.Grey Pearl001 731
552.Gun Metal PlatedGMP
554.Hyacinth AB236AB
555.Hyacinth AB 2x236AB2
556.Hyacinth Satin236SATIN
557.Hyacinth Shimmer236SHIM
558.Indian Pink289
559.Indian Pink AB289AB
560.Indian Red374
561.Indian Red AB374AB
562.Indian Red Satin374SATIN
563.Indian Sapphire217
564.Indian Sapphire AB217AB
565.Indian Sapphire AB FC217ABFC
566.Indian Sapphire Satin217SATIN
567.Indian Sapphire T1090217T1090
568.Indian Siam327
570.Indicolite AB379AB
571.Indicolite AB 2x379AB2
572.Indicolite AB FC379ABFC
573.Indicolite CAL V379CALV
574.Indicolite CAL V SI379CAVSI
575.Indicolite Satin379SATIN
576.Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl001 949
577.Iridescent Dove Grey Pearl001 954
578.Iridescent Green Pearl001 930
579.Iridescent Light Blue Pearl001 948
580.Iridescent Purple Pearl001 943
581.Iridescent Red Pearl001 947
582.Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl001 2004
584.Iris AB219AB
585.Iris Aurore Boreale 2x219AB2
586.Ivory Pearl001 708
587.Jade Pearl001 715
589.Jet AB280AB
590.Jet AB 2x280AB2
591.Jet AB FC280ABFC
592.Jet Dorado Z280DORZ
593.Jet GMET280GMET
594.Jet GOLD280GOLD
595.Jet Gold Ring280GR
596.Jet Gun Metal Ring280GM
597.Jet Hematite280HEM
598.Jet Hematite 2x280HEM2
599.Jet Hematite FC280HEFC
600.Jet Hematite Gold Ring280HEMGR
601.Jet Hematite Gun Metal Ring280HEMGM
602.Jet Hematite Matt Finish280 HEM MAT
603.Jet Hematite Palladium Ring280HEMPR
604.Jet Hematite Palladium Ring280HEMPR
605.Jet Hematite Silver Ring280HEMSR
606.Jet Hematite V280HEMV
607.Jet Light Chrome Z280LTCHZ
608.Jet Metallic Silver280METSI
609.Jet Nut280NUT
610.Jet Nut 2x280NUT2
611.Jet Nut V280NUTV
612.Jet Palladium Ring280PR
613.Jet Palladium Ring280PR
614.Jet RHOD280RHOD
615.Jet ROGL280ROGL
616.Jet Shimmer 2X280SHIM2
617.Jet Silver Ring280SR
619.Jonquil AB213AB
620.Jonquil AB 2x213AB2
621.Jonquil AB FC213ABFC
622.Jonquil Satin213SATIN
624.Khaki CAL V550CALV
625.Khaki Dorado Z550DORZ
626.Khaki Light Chrome Z550LTCHZ
627.Lapis Pearl001 717
629.Lavender Pearl001 524
630.Letter A CrystalA 001
631.Letter B CrystalB 001
632.Letter C CrystalC 001
633.Letter D CrystalD 001
634.Letter E CrystalE 001
635.Letter F CrystalF 001
636.Letter G CrystalG 001
637.Letter H CrystalH 001
638.Letter I CrystalI 001
639.Letter J CrystalJ 001
640.Letter K CrystalK 001
641.Letter L CrystalL 001
642.Letter M CrystalM 001
643.Letter N CrystalN 001
644.Letter O CrystalO 001
645.Letter P CrystalP 001
646.Letter Q CrystalQ 001
647.Letter R CrystalR 001
648.Letter S CrystalS 001
649.Letter T CrystalT 001
650.Letter U CrystalU 001
651.Letter V CrystalV 001
652.Letter W CrystalW 001
653.Letter X CrystalX 001
654.Letter Y CrystalY 001
655.Letter Z CrystalZ 001
656.Light Amethyst212
657.Light Amethyst AB212AB
658.Light Amethyst AB 2x212AB2
659.Light Amethyst AB FC212ABFC
660.Light Amethyst CAL V SI212CAVSI
661.Light Amethyst Paradise Shine212PARSH
662.Light Amethyst Satin212SATIN
663.Light Amethyst Shimmer212SHIM
664.Light Amethyst Shimmer 2x212SHIM2
665.Light Azore361
666.Light Azore AB361AB
667.Light Azore AB 2x361AB2
668.Light Azore Satin361SATIN
669.Light Blue Pearl001 302
670.Light Colorado Topaz246
671.Light Colorado Topaz AB246AB
672.Light Colorado Topaz AB 2x246AB2
673.Light Colorado Topaz AB FC246ABFC
674.Light Colorado Topaz Gold Ring246GR
675.Light Colorado Topaz Gun Metal Ring246GM
676.Light Colorado Topaz Ignite246IGNIT
677.Light Colorado Topaz Light Chrome Z MCI246LTCHZ
678.Light Colorado Topaz Palladium Ring246PR
679.Light Colorado Topaz Palladium Ring246PR
680.Light Colorado Topaz Satin246SATIN
681.Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer246SHIM
682.Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer 2x246SHIM2
683.Light Colorado Topaz Silver Ring246SR
684.Light Creamrose Pearl001 618
685.Light Gold Pearl001 539
686.Light Gold PlatedLTGLDP
687.Light Green Pearl001 293
688.Light Grey Opal383
689.Light Grey Pearl001 616
690.Light Multi908
691.Light Olivine252
692.Light Peach362
693.Light Peach AB362AB
694.Light Peach AB 2x362AB2
695.Light Peach Satin362SATIN
696.Light Peridot387
697.Light Peridot Shimmer387SHIM
698.Light Rose223
699.Light Rose AB223AB
700.Light Rose AB 2x223AB2
701.Light Rose AB B223ABB
702.Light Rose AB FC223ABFC
703.Light Rose CAL V SI223CAVSI
704.Light Rose CAL VZ223CALVZ
705.Light Rose Frosted223FRO
706.Light Rose Gold Ring223GR
707.Light Rose Gun Metal Ring223GM
708.Light Rose HFT223HFT
709.Light Rose Ignite223IGNIT
710.Light Rose Palladium Ring223PR
711.Light Rose Palladium Ring223PR
712.Light Rose Satin223SATIN
713.Light Rose Shimmer223SHIM
714.Light Rose Shimmer 2X223SHIM2
715.Light Rose Silver Ring223SR
716.Light Sapphire211
717.Light Sapphire AB211AB
718.Light Sapphire AB 2x211AB2
719.Light Sapphire AB B211ABB
720.Light Sapphire Satin211SATIN
721.Light Sapphire Shimmer211SHIM
722.Light Sapphire Shimmer 2x211SHIM2
723.Light Siam227
724.Light Siam AB227AB
725.Light Siam AB 2x227AB2
726.Light Siam AB FC227ABFC
727.Light Siam CAL VZ227CALVZ
728.Light Siam Dorado Z227DORZ
729.Light Siam Frosted227FRO
730.Light Siam Gold Ring227GR
731.Light Siam Gun Metal Ring227GM
732.Light Siam HFT227HFT
733.Light Siam Light Chrome Z227LTCHZ
734.Light Siam Met Lt Gold Z227MLGDZ
735.Light Siam Palladium Ring227PR
736.Light Siam Palladium Ring227PR
737.Light Siam Satin227SATIN
738.Light Siam Shimmer227SHIM
739.Light Siam Shimmer 2x227SHIM2
740.Light Siam Silver Ring227SR
741.Light Silk261
742.Light Smoked Topaz221
743.Light Smoked Topaz AB221AB
744.Light Smoked Topaz AB 2x221AB2
745.Light Smoked Topaz Satin221SATIN
746.Light Topaz226
747.Light Topaz AB226AB
748.Light Topaz AB 2x226AB2
749.Light Topaz Satin226SATIN
750.Light Topaz Shimmer226SHIM
751.Light Topaz Shimmer 2x226SHIM2
752.Light Turquoise263
754.Lime AB385AB
755.Lime Satin385SATIN
756.Majestic Blue296
757.Majestic Blue AB296AB
758.Majestic Blue Aurore Boreale 2x296AB2
759.Majestic Blue Light Chrome Z MCI296LTCHZ
760.Marbled Black653
761.Marbled Black HFT653 HFT
762.Marbled Blue654
763.Marbled Blue HFT654 HFT
764.Marbled Ivory651
765.Marbled Light Grey657
766.Marbled Light Grey HFT657 HFT
767.Marbled Seagreen656
768.Marbled Terracotta655
769.Marbled Terracotta HFT655 HFT
770.Marbled Yellow652
771.Marbled Yellow HFT652 HFT
772.Maroon Pearl001 388
773.Mauve Pearl001 160
774.MD290 - Digital Print GreenMD290
775.MD291 - Digital Print BlueMD291
776.MD292 - Digital Print Red BrownMD292
777.MD293 - Digital Print BrownMD293
778.MD294 - Digital Print PinkMD294
779.Medium Sapphire210
780.Medium Sapphire Shimmer210SHIM
781.Mint Alabaster397
782.Mint Alabaster AB397AB
783.Mint Alabaster AB 2x397AB2
784.Mint Alabaster HFT397HFT
785.Mint Turquoise Opal640
787.Mocca AB 2x286AB2
789.Montana AB207AB
790.Montana AB 2x207AB2
791.Montana AB FC207ABFC
792.Montana Satin207SATIN
793.Mosaic Amber Opal752
794.Mosaic Pacific Opal754
795.Mosaic Purple Opaque753
796.Mosaic Sand Opal755
797.Mosaic White Opal751
798.Mulberry Pink Pearl001 2018
800.Mystic Black Pearl001 335
801.Nacre001 191
802.Neon Green Pearl001 771
803.Neon Orange Pearl001 733
804.Neon Pink Pearl001 732
805.Neon Red Pearl001 770
806.Neon Yellow Pearl001 734
807.Night Blue Pearl001 818
810.Olivine AB228AB
811.Olivine AB 2x228AB2
812.Olivine Dorado228DOR
813.Olivine Satin228SATIN
814.Pacific Opal390
815.Pacific Opal AB 2x390AB2
816.Pacific Opal CAL VZ390CALVZ
817.Pacific Opal Shimmer390SHIM
818.Pacific Opal Shimmer 2x390SHIM2
820.Padparadscha AB542AB
821.Padparadscha AB 2x542AB2
822.Padparadscha AB FC542ABFC
823.Padparadscha CAL VZ542CALVZ
824.Padparadscha Satin542SATIN
825.Palace Green Opal393
826.Pastel Blue Pearl001 966
827.Pastel Green Pearl001 967
828.Pastel Grey Pearl001 968
829.Pastel Rose Pearl001 944
830.Pastel Yellow Pearl001 945
831.Peach Pearl001 300
832.Pearlescent White Pearl001 969
834.Peridot AB214AB
835.Peridot AB 2x214AB2
836.Peridot AB B214ABB
837.Peridot AB FC214ABFC
838.Peridot CAL VZ214CALVZ
839.Peridot Frosted214FRO
840.Peridot HFT214HFT
841.Peridot Satin214SATIN
842.Peridot Scarabaeus Green Z214SCGRZ
843.Peridot Shimmer214SHIM
844.Peridot Shimmer 2x214SHIM2
845.Petrol Pearl001 600
846.Pink Coral Pearl001 716
847.Platinum Pearl001 459
848.Platinum PlatedPTNP
849.Powder Almond Pearl001 305
850.Powder Green Pearl001 393
851.Powder Rose Pearl001 352
852.Provence Lavender283
853.Provence Lavender-Chrysolite Blend726
854.Purple Velvet277
855.Purple Velvet AB277AB
856.Rainbow Multi909
857.Red Copper PlatedRDCOPP
858.Red Coral Pearl001 718
860.Rosaline AB508AB
861.Rosaline AB 2x508AB2
862.Rosaline Pearl001 294
864.Rose AB209AB
865.Rose AB 2x209AB2
866.Rose AB B209ABB
867.Rose AB FC209ABFC
868.Rose Alabaster293
869.Rose Alabaster AB293AB
870.Rose Alabaster HFT293HFT
871.Rose Alabaster Satin293SATIN
872.Rose Cosmojet209COS
873.Rose Gold Pearl001 769
874.Rose Gold PlatedRGLDP
875.Rose Peach262
876.Rose Peach Pearl001 674
877.Rose Peach Pearl TVI001 674
878.Rose Peach Shimmer262SHIM
879.Rose Peach Shimmer 2x262SHIM2
880.Rose Satin209SATIN
881.Rose Shimmer209SHIM
882.Rose Shimmer 2x209SHIM2
883.Rose Water Opal395
884.Rose Water Opal AB395AB
885.Rose Water Opal AB 2x395AB2
886.Rose Water Opal Shimmer395SHIM
887.Rose Water Opal Shimmer 2x395SHIM2
889.Ruby AB501AB
890.Ruby AB 2x501AB2
891.Ruby GMET501GMET
892.Ruby GOLD501GOLD
893.Ruby RHOD501RHOD
894.Ruby ROGL501ROGL
895.Ruby Satin501SATIN
896.Sand Opal287
898.Sapphire AB206AB
899.Sapphire AB 2x206AB2
900.Sapphire AB FC206ABFC
901.Sapphire Frosted206FRO
902.Sapphire HFT206HFT
903.Sapphire Satin206SATIN
904.Scarabaeus Green001 946
906.Scarlet AB276AB
907.Scarlet Aurore Boreale 2x276AB2
908.Scarlet Ignite276IGNIT
909.Scarlet Shimmer276SHIM
910.Scarlet Shimmer 2X276SHIM2
911.Shadow Crystal250
913.Siam AB208AB
914.Siam AB 2x208AB2
915.Siam AB B208ABB
916.Siam AB FC208ABFC
917.Siam AB Satin208ABSATIN
918.Siam CAL V208CALV
919.Siam GMET208GMET
920.Siam GOLD208GOLD
921.Siam RHOD208RHOD
922.Siam ROGL208ROGL
923.Siam Satin208SATIN
924.Siam Shimmer208SHIM
925.Siam Shimmer 2x208SHIM2
927.Silk AB391AB
928.Silk Gold Ring391GR
929.Silk Gun Metal Ring391GM
930.Silk Palladium Ring391PR
931.Silk Palladium Ring391PR
932.Silk Shimmer391SHIM
933.Silk Silver Ring391SR
934.Silver PlatedSVRP
935.Smoked Topaz220
936.Smoked Topaz AB220AB
937.Smoked Topaz AB 2x220AB2
938.Smoked Topaz Satin220SATIN
939.Smoky Mauve265
940.Smoky Mauve AB265AB
941.Smoky Mauve Aurore Boreale 2x265AB2
942.Smoky Quartz225
943.Smoky Quartz AB225AB
944.Smoky Quartz GMET225GMET
945.Smoky Quartz GOLD225GOLD
946.Smoky Quartz RHOD225RHOD
947.Smoky Quartz ROGL225ROGL
948.Smoky Quartz Satin225SATIN
949.Soft Veil491
951.Sun AB248AB
952.Sun AB 2x248AB2
954.Symbol # Crystal# 001
955.Symbol & Crystal& 001
956.Tahitian-look Pearl001 297
958.Tangerine AB259AB
959.Tangerine Aurore Boreale 2x259AB2
960.Tangerine Shimmer259SHIM
962.Tanzanite AB539AB
963.Tanzanite AB 2x539AB2
964.Tanzanite AB B539ABB
965.Tanzanite AB FC539ABFC
966.Tanzanite GOLD539GOLD
967.Tanzanite Light Chrome Z MCI539LTCHZ
968.Tanzanite RHOD539RHOD
969.Tanzanite Satin539SATIN
970.Tanzanite Shimmer539SHIM
973.Topaz AB203AB
974.Topaz AB 2x203AB2
975.Topaz AB FC203ABFC
976.Topaz Blend722
977.Topaz Dorado203DOR
978.Topaz Dorado Z203DORZ
979.Topaz Frosted203FRO
980.Topaz HFT203HFT
981.Topaz Satin203SATIN
982.Topaz Shimmer203SHIM
984.Turquoise AB267AB
985.Turquoise AB 2x267AB2
986.Turquoise AB FC267ABFC
987.Turquoise Pearl001 709
988.Turquoise Satin267SATIN
989.Velvet Brown Pearl001 951
990.Vintage Gold Pearl001 651
991.Vintage Rose319
992.Vintage Rose AB319AB
993.Vintage Rose CAL V SI319CAVSI
994.Vintage Rose Shimmer319SHIM
996.Violet AB371AB
997.Violet AB 2x371AB2
998.Violet AB FC371ABFC
999.Violet CAL VZ371CALVZ
1000.Violet Opal389
1001.Violet Satin371SATIN
1002.Violet Shimmer371SHIM
1003.White Alabaster281
1004.White Alabaster AB281AB
1005.White Alabaster AB 2x281AB2
1006.White Alabaster AB Satin281ABSATIN
1007.White Alabaster Satin281SATIN
1008.White Opal234
1009.White Opal AB234AB
1010.White Opal AB 2x234AB2
1011.White Opal AB FC234ABFC
1012.White Opal CAL V234CALV
1013.White Opal CAL VZ234CALVZ
1014.White Opal Dorado Z234DORZ
1015.White Opal Light Chrome Z234LTCHZ
1016.White Opal Satin234SATIN
1017.White Opal Shimmer234SHIM
1018.White Opal Shimmer 2x234SHIM2
1019.White Opal Sky Blue234SBL
1020.White Opal Star Shine234STS
1021.White Pearl001 650
1022.Yellow Opal231
1023.Yellow Opal AB231AB
1024.Yellow Opal Aurore Boreale 2x231AB2
1025.Yellow Opal Shimmer231SHIM
1026.Yellow Opal Shimmer 2x231SHIM2

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