Discount Information

I. Discount Per Order

  Purchase Total Discount Example

$800.00USD - $999.99USD 3% off $800.00USD ➔ $776.00USD

$1,000.00USD - $1,999.99USD 5% off $1,000.00USD ➔ $950.00USD

$2,000.00USD - $3,999.99USD 8% off $2,000.00USD ➔ $1,840.00USD

$4,000.00USD - $7,999.99USD 10% off $4,000.00USD ➔ $3,600.00USD

$8,000.00USD+ 12% off $8,000.00USD ➔ $7,040.00USD

Discount Schedule 1

II. Minimum Discount

Forgot to order an item? No problem! You will receive the same discount level (or better) as your previous order placed within 30 days.

We offer a minimum discount for returning customers based on your past accumulative purchase volume (pre-discount total).

Discount Level

Last 30 Days

Last 90 Days

Last 182 Days

Last 365 Days

3% off $800.00USD$1,200.00USD$2,400.00USD$4,800.00USD

5% off $1,000.00USD$1,500.00USD$3,000.00USD$6,000.00USD

8% off $2,000.00USD$3,000.00USD$6,000.00USD$12,000.00USD

10% off $4,000.00USD$6,000.00USD$12,000.00USD$24,000.00USD

12% off $8,000.00USD$12,000.00USD$24,000.00USD$48,000.00USD

Discount Schedule 2

III. Additional Discount and Information

A. The above amount is based on US Dollar. Other currencies will depend on the daily exchange rate with US Dollar.

B. There is a 2% credit rebate for purchases paid by bank wire-transfer. Valid for purchase of $250.00USD or more only.

C. The discount schedules are not permanent and is subjected to modification or cancellation without notice.

D. The amount indicated above is before tax, shipping, and any other charges beside the merchandise itself.

E . If a refund is made, any over-discount will be adjusted on the refund amount accordingly.

F. The discount schedules can be combined with any other offer unless noticed. Discount is applied in the following order (if applicable): Schedule 2, Schedule 1, 2% credit rebate.

G. Any discount can only be used within the same account.

H. Discount cannot be applied to the purchase of gift certificate unless indicated.

I. All types of discount have no cash value.

J. Sorry we do not negotiate additional discount for first time buyers. You must first reach the purchase level first.

K. All discounts can be revoked if sales contract is not fully respected.

Information and prices are subject to change without notice.
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